A downloadable game for Windows

DISEASED is a survival first person shooter designed in the Unity3D engine. Your goal is to kill as many diseased (zombies) as possible while earning money to buy weapons, upgrades and more. There are 3 maps to play on as well as several upgrades and a couple cheats. Also there are 8 weapons in the game as well and 3 of them have strange special abilities.

Hope you have as much fun playing this game as I did making it : )

Have Fun

Andre T.W.

Install instructions

Please click on the .exe file once it has finished downloading and follow the installer to easily get DISEASED on your computer.

Have Fun : )

Andre T.W. Games


DISEASED Installer (136 MB)


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Quite fun.

Hey this game isn't too shabby, heres a brief playthrough, just a round per map, but check it out: